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Debit Cards

The fast, easy and convenient way to pay

American Bank’s Visa® Debit Card is accepted at more than 20 million locations worldwide. Plus, with American Bank’s Visa® Debit Card, you get 24-hour-a-day, 7-day-a week access to your money from any of the thousands of ATMs nationwide displaying the PLUS®, VISA®, Allpoint & Accel networks logos. American Bank Visa® Debit Cards are available to customers who have a checking account. You may also add your money market and savings account to your Visa® Debit Card to transfer funds between accounts or make withdrawals.

Plus, using your Visa Debit Card can be even more rewarding because we also offer UChoose Rewards – a rewards program that lets you choose where to shop and what to get for all the points that you earn.  Click here to learn more about UChoose Rewards and to register your card(s).

Where Can You Use Your Card?

* This applies to ATM withdrawals within the United States.  Rebates for ATM transactions outside of the United States will be calculated based upon conversion to U.S. dollars of the amount of the ATM withdrawal plus any applicable fee. 

Fraud Monitoring 

Minimizing the threat of fraud is a matter of having the right tools in place. We monitor debit card transactions for suspicious activity and fraud utilizing real-time fraud monitoring. This aids in the prevention of fraud immediately by declining the transaction while the fraudster is still at the point-of-sale. When fraudulent card activity is suspected, we will attempt to contact you by the email address or telephone number within our records to verify the transaction.


Before taking that much needed vacation to the islands or visiting your extended family overseas, please contact us with the dates and locations. Providing us with a travel notification will assist us in monitoring your account accordingly to minimize the chances of your debit card being blocked or flagged for unusual activity while traveling outside the United States. You may also want to update our records to include a mobile phone number where you can be reached as well as an email address.

In addition, you should review the list of Blocked Countries or call us at 610.366.1800 or 888.366.6622 to obtain the most current list of Blocked Countries as this may change from time to time.  If you are planning to travel to a country listed in our "blocked" list, please give us a call so that we may discuss alternative means of accessing cash while you are away. For additional information visit the “Security of Your Debit Card While Traveling” section of the Prevent Fraud page for more information. 

ATM Withdrawals

We do not charge a fee for ATM withdrawals. However, you may be charged a fee by the financial institution that owns the ATM. Check out our listing of FREE ATMS for the no-fee ATM nearest you.  Please be advised that these listings may change at any time. If an ATM is now assessing a surcharge, the ATM should disclose this information.

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