Community Relations

Giving Back

American Bank is committed to the community we serve.  That’s why we believe in giving back to those who need our help.  Our team members are generous with their time and resources and are always ready and willing to serve the Lehigh Valley, PA community.  

Charitable Giving

American Bank has always maintained a commitment to helping the Lehigh Valley by supporting local non-profit organizations.  We have provided cash contributions to nonprofit organizations since opening our doors in 1997 and continue to do so every year.   The primary focus of our giving is children’s enrichment and education and serving the underprivileged and disadvantaged.

Pennsylvania EITC Program

American Bank was approved as an eligible business for the State of Pennsylvania’s Educational Improvement Tax Credit Program (EITC) and has participated in this program since 2001.  This program awards tax credits to businesses for contributions to scholarship organizations, educational improvement organizations, and pre-kindergarten scholarship organizations.  American Bank supports local organizations through this program and during the time that it has been involved in the program, it has awarded over $2.3 million to local organizations and/or scholarship programs.

For more information about our charitable giving or if you would like to request support for your organization by American Bank, please contact Mary Hodrick, Vice President, Director of Marketing and Community Relations at 610.973.8143 or by email at