Direct Deposit

Have your deposits made automatically 

With Direct Deposit, you can have any type of recurring deposits such as your paycheck, retirement check or Social Security check automatically deposited into your personal statement savings, money market or checking account.

Direct Deposit is safe, easy, convenient and reliable

  • Safe - Direct deposit eliminates the risk of stolen checks, forgeries and helps to protect you from identity theft
  • Easy - There’s no need to come to the bank. Funds are deposited directly into your bank account
  • Convenient - Get same day access to your deposit without making a trip to the bank, even when you’re out of town
  • Reliable - Funds are automatically deposited on your scheduled pay dates and your funds are immediately available for withdrawal on that same day

How to set-up Direct Deposit

You will need your American Bank checking, savings or money market account number. The quickest way to sign up for direct deposit is to contact your employer, government agency or other agency issuing you a check. They will provide the proper forms and instructions.

If your check is issued by the US Treasury, you can sign-up by visiting Go Direct.