General American Bank Questions 

Q: Where is American Bank located?

A: Our executive offices are located at 615 Waterfront Drive, Suite 501 in Allentown, PA. Our branch is located at 4029 West Tilghman Street in Allentown, PA. Customers should visit our Tilghman Street location for their banking needs.

Q: Is American Bank a publicly traded company?

A: Yes, American Bank is a publicly traded company and American Bank stock is traded on the Over-the-Counter Pink under the symbol AMBK. If you are interested in learning more about American Bank stock, including current market price, please visit our Stock Information page.

Q: Are my deposit accounts insured by the FDIC?

A: Yes, each American Bank depositor is insured to at least $250,000 by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (“FDIC”). American Bank’s FDIC Certificate Number is 34422. For additional information about deposit insurance, please contact us.

Q: What is American Bank’s privacy policy?

A: We understand that the confidentiality and security of both your account information and the information that personally identifies you are of the utmost importance. We enforce the strictest standards and employ the latest technology to guarantee the maximum privacy and safety for our customers. Click here to review our Privacy Policy.

Q: What is American Bank’s routing number?

A: American Bank's routing number is 031302997. American Bank has one routing number that is used for wire transfers and electronic transfers. Our routing number is also always listed on the bottom of your check.

Q: How do I notify the bank of my change of address?

A: If you are an AmericanBank Online customer, you may submit a change of address through Secure Message. After signing on, select Secure Message from the left menu. Choose Address Change for your subject and provide us with the updated information. You can also send us your request via mail (as a signed written request), by email to service@ambk.com, or by completing and returning the 'Update Contact Information' form located on the Resources page.

Wire Transfers

Q: How do I wire transfer funds from American Bank to another Bank?

A: You can contact a member of our Customer Service team at 888.366.6622 to request a Wire Transfer Form be sent via email or we can attach it to a Secure Message within online banking. The Wire Transfer Form must be completed in its entirety and signed. American Bank requires your original signature on the Wire Transfer Form (unless the wire transfer is completed online and is under $150,000).

Q: When will my wire transfer be credited to my account?

A: Incoming wire transfers are available for immediate withdrawal when received by 5:00 p.m. (ET) on any business day. Wire transfers received after 5:00 p.m. (ET) may not be available for withdrawal until the next business day.

Q: Can I wire transfer funds anywhere?

A: American Bank does limit the countries in which it will wire funds. You may contact a member of our Customer Service team at 888.366.6622 for specific questions about wiring funds.

Q: Is there a cutoff time for sending wire transfers?

A: Outgoing domestic & international wire transfer requests must be received and confirmed prior to 4:00 p.m. (ET). If a request is received after 4:00 p.m. (ET) or if we are unable to confirm the wire transfer request by 4:00 p.m. (ET) the wire may not be processed until the following business day.  

Visa Debit or ATM Cards

Q: Do you provide a Visa Debit Card and/or ATM Card?

A: Yes, upon request, American Bank does provide a Visa Debit Card and/or ATM card on select accounts.

Q: How do I activate my Visa Debit Card?

A: You can quickly and easily activate your American Bank Visa Debit Card by calling toll free 800.992.3808 (within the United States) or 614.564.5101 (outside the United States).

Q: How do I create or change my PIN for my Visa Debit Card?

A: You can create your PIN for your Visa Debit Card when you activate it.  If you've forgotten your PIN or you want to create or change it, you can call toll free 800.992.3808 (within the United States) or 614.564.5101 (outside the United States).

Q: How do the ATM rebates for e-Checking and Forever Free Checking work?

A: American Bank will refund e-Checking account customers up to $10.00 per monthly statement cycle ($4.75 maximum for each transaction) for ATM surcharges you incur during the month, when your average daily balance at the time the withdrawal posts to your account is $1,000 or more.  American Bank will also provide ATM rebates to Forever Free Checking customers, up to $4.75 per transaction, with a maximum rebate of $10.00 during that statement cycle, when the ATM owner/operator assesses a fee.  To qualify for an ATM rebate, your Forever Free Checking account must have an average daily balance of $200.00 or more on the date the transaction posts to your account.  

Q: Do you charge a fee for withdrawals from an ATM?

A: No, American Bank does not charge a fee for withdrawing funds from an ATM. However, the ATM owner may assess a surcharge. 

Q: How much can I withdraw from an ATM or charge purchases for with my Visa Debit Card?

A: You can withdraw up to $500 per day using the ATM feature of your American Bank Visa Debit Card. If you are using your Visa Debit Card to purchase goods or services, your daily limit is $2,500. To learn more, please refer to the Electronic Fund Transfers Disclosure.

Q: Where can I find “free” ATMs?

A: American Bank doesn’t charge a fee for ATM usage, but you may be charged by the institution that owns the ATM. To help you avoid ATM fees, we’ve researched the web to locate sites that list Free ATMs. We’ve set them up as links, so all you have to do is click on the link that meets your geographical requirements. Click here for additional information.

Q: What if I lose my American Bank Visa Debit Card or ATM Card?

A: To report a lost or stolen Debit Card or ATM Card, call 800.417.8715 or 614.564.5101 (if calling outside of the United States).

Online & Mobile Banking

Q: What browser do I need to use for real-time online banking?

A: For the best results, we recommend you utilize the most current version of the following browsers: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, or Microsoft Edge.

Q: What do I need to sign-up for online or mobile banking?

A: Once you have established a consumer account at American Bank, you may register online banking anytime by choosing Sign Up Now located below the online banking sign-on on our homepage or from our mobile App. If you are a business customer, you will need to contact us and we will provide you an enrollment form to complete.

Q: Can I choose my own Sign-On ID?

A: Yes, when enrolling in online banking, you can choose your own Sign-On ID.

Q: Can I choose my own Password?

A: Yes, you will create your own password. For security reasons, we do not recommend using your birthdate, telephone number or social security number. We recommend that you change your Password at regular intervals. 

Q: What if I forget my Sign-On ID or Password?

A: Consumer customers can click on the Forgot your Sign-on ID or Password link on our homepage or from the mobile App. Business administrators should contact us and business users should contact the Administrator for the business.

Q: Can I view all my accounts online?

A: Yes, through AmericanBank Online or Mobile, you will be able to view checking, savings, money market, certificates of deposit, loan and mortgage account information.

Q: Can I transfer funds between accounts?

A: Yes, you can transfer funds between any checking, savings, money market and most line of credit accounts for which online banking access has been authorized by you.

Q: When is my account information updated?

A: Your account balances will immediately reflect any account activity during the current day.

External Transfers

Q: What is the External Transfer service?

A: This is a quick and easy way to transfer money between an account that you have at another bank to your American Bank personal checking, savings or money market account. And best of all, there is no additional charge to you!

Q: Can I use External Transfer to transfer from my business account at my other financial institution to American Bank?

A: No, the account that you hold at your bank must be a personal checking, savings or money market account.

Q: How will I know when my account is ready for me to use?

A: Once you successfully confirm your account by entering the requested information, you will be set up to begin transferring money. You will also see the status of the account has changed from ‘Pending’ activation to ‘Active’.

Q: What is the maximum amount of money that I can transfer to American Bank at one time?

A: Our standard transfer limit is $5,000.

Q: What is the maximum amount of money that I can transfer from American Bank at one time?

A: You may transfer $1,500 from your American Bank account to your account at another financial institution.

Q: Can I stop a one-time ACH transfer?

A: Yes, one time transfers can be cancelled when the request is received at least two (2) business days before the processing date.

Q: When will I have access to the funds that have been deposited to my American Bank account?

A: You will have access to the funds two (2) business days after the funds have been deposited to your account.

General Bill Pay

Q: How can I pay my bills online?

A: Our Online Bill Pay service is available to consumer and business customers with a checking account. Consumer customers must be enrolled in online banking to use the online bill pay service. It is accessed by logging into American Bank Online or Mobile and selecting Pay Bills from the left menu. Business customers must enroll for online bill pay and it is accessed separately from online or mobile banking.

Q: Can I access Bill Pay from my mobile device?

A: Yes, consumer customers using the mobile App can access Bill Pay. 

Q: Is there a charge for Bill Pay?

A: For consumer customers, there is no charge to use Bill Pay. There is a fee for business customers to use the Bill Pay service.  Please refer to our Other Fees & Charges Disclosure for the most current fees. 

Q: Does Bill Pay support court-ordered payments or federal tax payments?

A: No, you cannot make court-ordered payments, state or federal tax payments through Bill Pay. Additionally, Bill Pay can only make payments within the United States.

Q: What information will I need to set-up a new payee?

A: If you receive bills or statements from the payee, enter the information as it appears on the bills you currently receive, such as the payee’s name, address, telephone number and your account number, if applicable. If the payee is an individual or company that does not send you bills, enter the address where you want the payments sent.  

Q: How will I know that a payment can be made same day or next day?

A: If a payment can be made the same day or next day, it will be indicated with a 'Rush Delivery' link on the Payment Center.  The calendar icon will display the ‘Available Payment Dates’ in blue and the Rush Delivery date will be highlighted in yellow.

Q: How do I know if my payment will be made electronically, by check or by laser draft payment?

A: The Bill Pay Service reserves the right to select the method by which to remit funds on your behalf to your Payee. These payment methods may include, but may not be limited to, an electronic payment, an electronic to check payment, or a laser draft payment. You can view which method was selected by clicking on the 'Activity' link under the payee in the Payment Center and clicking a payment that has already been processed.

Q: When is my Payment Account debited?

A: When an electronic payment or an electronic to check payment is sent, your Payment Account will be electronically debited on your Scheduled Payment Date.  You will have access to your funds in your Payment Account until the money is debited.  When a draft check is sent, your Payment Account will be debited when the item is presented against your payment. 

You are responsible to ensure the funds are available in your Payment Account when the funds are debited. 

Q: If a payment is now listed in the “Recent Payments” section, why has my account not yet been debited?

A: The reason why your payments will reflect in the Recent Payments prior to the funds being debited from your Payment Account is because the funds are not withdrawn from your account until the Delivery Date. However, the payments are sent prior to that date.  For instance, corporate checks are mailed three days before the Delivery Date and most electronic payments are sent out one day before the Delivery Date. Also, if the payment is made by laser draft check, the check is mailed out prior to the Delivery Date but the funds will not be withdrawn until the check clears your American Bank checking account.

Q: The funds have been deducted from my account, why has the biller not yet been paid?

A: Check to see when and how the payment was made. If it has been more than 10 business days from the process date, and the check has not cleared, contact Customer Service and request the check to be stopped and refunded or reissued.

For electronic payments, if it has been 2 to 4 business days since the due date and the payee has not yet posted the payment, refer to Customer Service. Even though the funds are submitted the day before the Delivery Date, keep in mind that the biller will have their own processing time frames.

For laser draft checks, contact the biller to resolve the issue as with any other check drawn on your personal account.

Q: What happens if the funds are not in my Payment Account?

A: It is important that you ensure you have available funds in your American Bank Payment Account to cover your bill payment(s) and to avoid charges such as insufficient and/or uncollected funds charges.  If the funds are not available in your account when your payment is deducted, a 2nd attempt will be made to debit your account.  The 2nd attempt could occur as early as the next day after the item was returned.  If your funds are still not available after the 2nd attempt, your Bill Pay service may be suspended and the Bill Pay service may utilize an outside collection agency to obtain the funds or they may contact your Biller requesting the funds be returned. 

Q: Can I change, or get a refund of, a payment processed as an electronic payment?

A: If the payment status is “Pending," you can cancel the payment. Once an electronic payment is processed, the biller is in possession of the funds and you need to contact the biller to request a refund.

Q: Can an automatic payment be set-up to pay a credit card bill in full each month?

A: If you are signed up for eBills, automatic payments can be set up to pay the full balance.

Q: How can I identify an automatic payment? Can changes be made to an automatic payment?

A: If automatic payments have been established for a biller, you will see that when you click on the 'Auto Pay' link listed under that biller's name in the Payment Center.  Once you click that link, you will have the option to change or remove the automatic payment.  Any changes made affect all current and future payments that are scheduled as automatic payments.   

Q: How can I edit a ‘pending payment’?

A: If the payment is in the ‘Pending Payments’ column, you may choose ‘change’ to edit the pending payment or ‘cancel’ to cancel the pending payment.

Q: Where can I view my History?

A: To view the history for a specific biller or payee, you can choose the 'Activity' link under that company/person.  If you want to view the Payment History for all of your billers/payees, click 'Activity' in the left menu.  For consumer customers who use AmericanBank Mobile, you can also access the Bill History from your mobile device by signing on to AmericanBank Mobile and choosing Pay Bills from the left menu and then selecting Activity. 

Q: What are eBills?

A: eBills are electronic bills that are delivered to you through the Bill Pay service upon your request. The Bill Pay service contains a list of companies that have the capability to send eBills. Each time you create a payee, you can request to add an eBill at the same time. Once the bill is received, you will receive an email alerting you that the bill has arrived and you will be able to sign-on to AmericanBank Online to view, pay or delete the eBill or cancel the eBill service. You will also have the option to automatically pay your eBill on the payment due date listed on the eBill. If you choose to utilize this feature, you can choose to: 1) always pay the eBill, which allows the minimum payment due to be paid or the entire bill, if no minimum is specified; or 2) only pay eBills less than a specified amount, which allows the bill to be paid only if the amount is less than the specified amount. Once auto-pay is set-up, the money is automatically withdrawn from your designated checking account. Your eBills will be retained in Online Bill Pay for a period of six (6) months.

Q: Is there an option to pay eBills automatically?

A: Yes, for eBills you can set up an automatic payment to pay the amount due, the account balance, and also a maximum amount for the automatic payment.  Amount due is either the amount of the bill, such as a telephone bill, or the minimum payment on a credit card.

Q: How will I know that a biller can send eBills?

A: If a biller is able to send eBills, then you will see “Add an electronic version of my bill” as an option when setting up the biller. If you do not choose to add an eBill at that time, you can do so at a later date by clicking the Get eBill icon under the Biller in the Payment Center. Once you are signed up for eBills from a biller, there will be a green ON icon next to the eBills under the Deliver By date in the Payment Center.

Q: How can I view an eBill that has already been paid?

A: To view an eBill that has already been paid, click on the 'Activity' link under the biller and then click the payment for which you would like to view the eBill.

Q: Can I use either the Message button in the Bill Pay Service or the Secure Messages menu option to contact you?

A: The Message button in the Bill Pay Service should be utilized for issues or questions related to the Bill Pay service.  The Secure Messages menu option should be used to request assistance with your accounts, statements, password or to ask us any other general account question. 

Q: How do I report a problem with a bill payment or get help with the Bill Pay Service?

A: To report a problem with the Bill Pay Service, to report an unauthorized bill payment or A2A transactions, or to place a Stop Payment on a bill payment or A2A transaction, you may contact Bill Pay Customer Service toll free at 844.884.5356.  For other inquiries about your account, or other general questions, please call our Customer Service at 888.366.6622.

Q: I'm a business customer. How do I begin using Bill Pay?

A: Business customers must enroll for Online Bill Pay. The Bill Pay site can be accessed from the Business Online Banking sign-on area on our homepage and selecting it from the Access Other Accounts drop down menu. Upon accessing the Bill Pay site, click on Enroll. Complete the enrollment form, print it and send it to us. Once the enrollment is approved, you will receive a welcome email.

Q: Can I set up other employees within my business with access to the Bill Pay service?

A: Yes, after signing on to Bill Pay, click on Administration and Add Authorized User. Complete the required information to set up the User. Level 2 Users can schedule and initiate payments and approve payments set up by a Level 3 User. Level 3 Users can set up and scheduled payments, but the payments must be approved by another user of higher authority to be initiated and processed. 

Q: As a business administrator for Business Bill Pay, can I change my users' access level?

A: Yes, you can change a User from a Level 3 to a Level 2 User or vice versa within Bill Pay.  To make the change, sign into the Bill Pay site and choose Administration. Choose 'Manage my Users' and select the User that you would like to edit and make the changes.

Quicken Express Web Connect

Q: What is required for me to use Quicken® Express Web Connect?

A: To use Quicken, you must have internet access, be enrolled in AmericanBank Online and have Quicken installed on your computer (we recommend using the most recent version of software available).

Q: How do I purchase Quicken or upgrade to a new version of Quicken?

A: Click here to purchase selected Quicken products.

Q: What is Quicken Web Connect?

A: Web Connect allows you to download your transactions from AmericanBank Online, launch your Quicken software, and reconcile your transactions in one easy step.

Q: What is Quicken Express Web Connect?

A: Quicken Express Web Connect allows Quicken to act as an aggregator by automatically downloading your American Bank deposit account information directly into the software.  Express Web Connect is a one-way connection.  Data is imported into Quicken, but Quicken cannot affect your transactions or balances in any way.  You must enter your AmericanBank Online login information into Quicken.  During aggregation, Quicken logs in to AmericanBank Online on your behalf.  This generally occurs once a day and is outside of regular business hours. 

Q: Is there a cost for Quicken Web Connect or Express Web Connect?

A: No, there is no cost to use Quicken Web Connect or Express Web Connect at this time. However, you are responsible for purchasing the Quicken software. Click here to purchase Quicken or upgrade to a new version of Quicken.

Q: What types of accounts can I set up for Web Connect or Express Web Connect?

A: Deposit accounts such as checking, savings, money market and CD accounts can be set up in Quicken.

Q: How do I change my AmericanBank Online password that is saved in Quicken in the Password Vault?

A: To update your AmericanBank Online password in Quicken, select Tools & One Step Update, click Manage my Passwords, select entry for American Bank & enter the updated password. 

Q: I have incorrectly entered my AmericanBank Online password when trying to use Express Web Connect and now I am unable to connect. How can I reset my account?

A: If you incorrectly enter your AmericanBank Online password into Quicken and cannot connect, contact our Customer Service Department by phone at 888.366.6622.

Q: Why is Quicken not accepting my AmericanBank Online password for Express Web Connect?

A: Below are a few possible solutions if your password is not being accepted.

  1. Quicken will not accept your AmericanBank Online password if it contains an ampersand (&), left carat (<) and right carat (>). To resolve the issue, sign into AmericanBank Online and change your password to remove those characters. Once that is complete, edit your AmericanBank Online password in Quicken by choosing Tools & One Step Update, click Manage my Passwords, select the entry for American Bank & enter the updated password. 
  2. You may have recently changed your AmericanBank Online password and did not change it in Quicken. To edit your AmericanBank Online password in Quicken, choose Tools & One Step Update, click Manage my Passwords, select the entry for American Bank & enter the updated password.

Q: I cannot remember my Quicken Vault Password, can you reset it for me?

A: Unfortunately, if you forgot your ‘Vault Password’, you will have to delete the vault, re-set your passwords and then set a new password for your password vault. To delete your Vault, choose Tools > Password Vault > Delete Vault and All Saved Passwords or Reset Vault.

Q: How can I get additional information for Quicken?

A: For additional information, we recommend visiting the Quicken Support site. You can also find additional Frequently Asked Questions, Live Chat, and obtain telephone numbers to contact us directly on our site. You may also contact us with any questions or concerns.


Q: What steps are being taken by American Bank to ensure the privacy and security of my account information?

A: Our online banking system, AmericanBank Online, uses state-of-the-art secure communications. Customers can use online banking if their browsers support Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption. SSL encryption ensures that electronic messages between you and American Bank cannot be read by outside parties, even if intercepted.

We require that you use a browser that supports 256-bit encryption.

A 256-bit capable browser gives you the highest level of protection possible whenever you make financial or confidential transactions over the Internet. When you use the 256-bit version of an approved browser in a secure connection with American Bank, the information in the exchange is scrambled into the toughest-to-crack code available today.

For your protection, the online banking system has built-in timers that terminate access if you are not actively using the system.

Finally, your private information, such as your Sign-On ID and your Password, will never be displayed, nor will we ever ask you to provide your Password to us.

Q: What steps should I take to help ensure the security of my account information?

A: You share responsibility for maintaining the security of personal account information when using online services.

We recommend that you change your Password at regular intervals.

When you finish your online or mobile banking session, you should log off and close our your browser or App.

In addition, you should never reveal your Sign-On ID or Password to anyone.

Q: What if someone learns my Sign-On ID or Password?

A: If you suspect that someone knows your Password, you should immediately change your password by clicking the Forgot Sign-on ID or Password link on the sign-on page or located in the right menu once you are logged in to online banking. 

Q: How can I tell if my online session with American Bank is encrypted?

A: Most browsers have an icon such as a key or a lock to represent an encrypted session. A broken key or an open lock indicates that the session or mode is not encrypted. Although a broken key or open lock might appear when the page loads between two encrypted pages, the session is still encrypted if a key or a lock is present when the page is loaded.

Q: How can I tell if the American Bank web site that I am accessing is legitimate?

A: Extended Validation (EV) SSL, which is a standard feature within the latest versions of Microsoft Edge, Chrome and Firefox, was created to combat the growth of Internet threats such as phishing.

The EV SSL certificate operates exactly like a traditional SSL certificate in that it establishes a private communication channel enabling the encryption of data during transmission. When your Internet browser accesses a page with a valid EV SSL certificate, the background of the address bar turns green. This indicates immediately that the site has been authenticated and signifies to you that it is safe to proceed. In addition to the green bar, the browser also contains an additional field to the right of the address bar, called the Security Status Bar. The Security Status Bar displays the organization name, which comes directly from the certificate. Because the name has been verified directly from the certificate and is displayed for you to see, you can rely on its accuracy.

In order to view an Extended Validation SSL certificate for a web site, you must have a current version of your Internet browser. If you would like to have this feature available and do not have the correct version of your Internet browser, you can visit the web site for your Internet browser and upgrade your browser.