Savings & CDs

Savings for every stage of your life  

Our money market accounts let you select the account that will make your money work for you. A money market account is a great way to save while providing some of the benefits of a checking account.

Statement Savings accounts are a perfect way to start saving for a rainy day and there’s no better time to start saving than today. Or, maybe you would like to start saving for retirement, than an IRA Statement Savings is the perfect way to start building your retirement nest egg. 

American Bank offers exceptional rates on all of our CDs – you set the term that meets your needs. From as short as ninety days up to five years, you’ll be able to watch your money grow by viewing your CDs online in real-time via AmericanBank Online. American Bank CD accounts can also be opened with as little as $500 so a small investment can pay large dividends in the future. In addition, American Bank IRA CD accounts can be opened with as little as $250.  If you're looking to make a substantial CD investment while still having the peace of mind knowing your entire investment will have FDIC insurance, check out CDARS®.

To learn more about our money market, savings or CD accounts, simply click on the links below or call us. We will be more than happy to assist you.