Online Banking

Manage your business accounts, on your schedule

As a business owner, we understand that your time is valuable. When you enroll in AmericanBank Online, you can access your information when it is convenient for you, anytime day or night.

AmericanBank Online allows you to view your business account balances and history, transfer funds between your American Bank business accounts, request stop payments, make loan payments, view check images, set-up and manage users and so much more.

We also offer value-added services such as bill payment, online ACH & wire transfer origination, all of which will make banking with American Bank easy and convenient.

Bill Pay

With AmericanBank Online Business Bill Payment, you always know where you stand no matter where you are standing.  You can get the latest information on electronic payments, invoices and receivables whether you’re in the office, working from home or on the road.

The multi-tiered authority levels allow you to delegate payment functions to select employees so you can spend more time growing your business. Plus, a single view shows cash in and cash out so you can better track your business finances.

AmericanBank Online’s Business Bill Payment allows you to:

  • Immediately see your cash situation
  • Reduce time spent on manual bookkeeping
  • Be more organized with bill payments
  • Access your bill payments anytime, anywhere

With AmericanBank Online Business Bill Payment, managing your company’s finances has never been easier!

Cash Management

With all of the great cash management services available through AmericanBank Online, you can run your business more effectively and efficiently by managing your accounts online.  Below find some additional information about the cash management services available online.

Online ACH

  • Improves the efficiency of your company’s day-to-day operations and helps manage cash flow
  • Create and send ACH transactions from your company electronically and forward them to American Bank for distribution and posting
  • Originate both ACH credits and debits online for various purposes, including employee payroll and collection of customers’ recurring payments
  • No ACH origination or per item fees

Online Wire Transfers

  • Perfect for businesses that utilize wire transfers on a regular basis
  • Create and send domestic wire transfers electronically and forward them to American Bank for distribution and posting
  • Save online wires as a template so that future wires are ready the next time you need them
  • Ability to view all in-process and processed wires
  • Wire transfer fees apply

Quicken & QuickBooks

With AmericanBank Online, you can download all of your banking transaction data into Quicken or QuickBooks to conveniently manage your business’ cash flow.  When you enroll in online banking, you will be able to download transactions from your accounts at American Bank into Quicken or QuickBooks with just one click.  You can also use Web Connect to download information into Quicken.

With Quicken Web Connect, you simply sign on to AmericanBank Online, download the file and import it into Quicken for reconciling.  Here are some more great benefits of using Quicken Web Connect:

  • No manual data entry - Once you're set up, you can download all of your business' transactions right into Quicken, instead of typing them in by hand
  • Automatically reconcile data - Web Connect data includes complete transaction and account balance information to make categorization and account reconciliation easy
  • No duplicate transactions - Web Connect incorporates special transaction-matching that prevents the download of duplicate transactions
  • Easier to use - Web Connect files may be automatically opened by Quicken directly from AmericanBank Online, which eliminates the need for you to search for files that have been downloaded
  • Automatic account set-up - Simply initiate a download to Quicken from AmericanBank Online and Quicken sets up your accounts for you with your data already up to date

To optimize all of the features available in Quicken, we recommend using the most recent version available.

Questions? Please contact a member of our Business Banking team at 610.973.8144 or toll-free at 888.366.6622, ext. 8144.

Unenrolling in Online/Mobile Banking

If you no longer wish to have access to online/mobile banking, you can request to have your access removed by sending us a secure message within online banking with your request, or by sending us something in writing with your signature.  Once the request is made, please allow 2-3 business days for the request to be completed.  As a reminder, if you are receiving e-Statements, once your access is terminated, you will be switched back to paper statements and depending on the type of account you have with us, a fee may apply for paper statements.  Canceling your access will also cancel any pending payments you have set up within A2A, Bill Pay, or ACH/Wire Origination services.   Your request to cancel your online/mobile banking access does not close your account.  If you wish to close your account, please contact us through secure message with that request.