Online Security

American Bank’s Commitment

American Bank is committed to protecting your personal information.

We will never call or send you emails asking you to provide, update, or verify personal or account information, such as passwords, social security numbers, PINs, check or credit card numbers or other confidential information.  If you receive any communication from someone posing as American Bank requesting such information, please contact us at 888.366.6622 to confirm authenticity.

Guarantees applicable to personal (consumer) activity are indicated as such.  All other guarantees are applicable to both consumer and business activity.

Online Banking Guarantee*

We are committed to providing online banking customers with a secure and dependable environment for accessing account information.  In the unlikely event that unauthorized access to your deposit account is established through AmericanBank Online, you are covered for 100% of the funds removed. 

* To qualify for this guarantee, you must be a consumer online banking customer and comply with the requirements designated in the 'Your Responsibility' section below.  Coverage under this Guarantee requires that you notify us of an incident within two business days of discovery and also requires that you have complied with the terms of the AmericanBank Online and Mobile Consumer Access Agreement (Consumer Access Agreement), including your responsibility to properly safeguard your Sign-On ID and password.  This Guarantee may not apply in circumstances of your negligence, or delay in reporting to us.  All claims are subject to our investigation and verification.  Your account must be in good standing at the time of your claim.

Business customers do not have the benefit of any consumer law, such as Regulation E and the Electronic Fund Transfer Act.  Please refer to Your Liability for Unauthorized Transfers and Errors and Questions within AmericanBank Online and Mobile Business Access Agreement (Business Access Agreement). 

Bill Pay Service Guarantee

With our Bill Pay Service, you can be assured that your electronic payments are safe and reliable. That’s because when your payments are processed through the AmericanBank Online Bill Pay Service, you are protected in the unlikely event of unauthorized transactions and/or processing delays. See Bill Pay Service Additional Terms section within the Consumer Access Agreement or within the Business Access Agreement. 

Due to circumstances beyond the control of the Bill Pay Service, particularly delays in handling and posting payments by Payees or financial institutions, some transactions may take longer to be credited to your account. However, our Bill Pay Service will bear responsibility for any late payment related charges up to $50.00 should a payment post after its Due Date as long as the payment was scheduled in accordance with the guidelines described in the Bill Pay Service Additional Terms section within the Consumer Access Agreement or Business Access Agreement. 

Using our Bill Pay Service, you know your payment will get to where it’s supposed to go – safely and reliably.

Your Responsibility

Your use of AmericanBank Online confirms  your agreement to and understanding of the Consumer Access Agreement or the Business Access Agreement, as applicable.  You are responsible for keeping your Sign-On ID, online password, account numbers, personal identification data and other account information confidential.

We require that you:

  • never share your AmericanBank Online Sign-On ID and password, or other account information (including your ATM/Debit Card PIN, Sign-On ID and Password) with anyone.
  • take care not to leave your computer or other mobile device unattended while using AmericanBank Online. Once your banking is completed, sign off and close your browser before leaving your computer or other mobile device.
  • review your account statement regularly and promptly report any unauthorized or suspicious activity by calling us at 610.366.1800 or toll-free 888.366.6622, Monday to Friday, 8 am to 6 pm  and Saturday, 8 am to Noon, ET.

To make a claim using the Online Security Guarantee:

  • If you are a consumer customer of American Bank, using AmericanBank Online, you must notify us of unauthorized activity within 60 calendar days of the transactions first appearing after the date we send you the account statement showing that unauthorized activity.

We will respond to you within 10 business days after we receive your claim.

Protecting Your Privacy

At American Bank, our goal is to exceed your expectations and value the trust you have placed in us to protect your personal information. That is why we do not disclose any non-public information about our customers to any other third parties, except as permitted or required by law. We do not, and will not, sell your personal information to third-party marketers or any other entity for any purpose. You can review our Privacy Policy to learn more.

Safety is Our Focus

We are pleased to offer online banking and bill pay services. We make every effort to protect your online information by using the security built into your browser in combination with our own security infrastructure.

Our online banking system brings together a combination of security technologies to protect data, you, and the Bank. Our system features several security measures including our site being registered as a DigiCert Secure Site and other additional security efforts including network security and monitoring, termination of inactive sessions, the display of personal information and our browser security requirements. 

Rev. 08.15