Affordable mortgage financing options

As a lending partner of the Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agency (PHFA), we can work with you to obtain affordable mortgage financing available through PHFA programs.  We will take your application and review the information with you to see if you are eligible for a PHFA mortgage.   

  • Available for both First Time and Non-First Time Homebuyers
  • Owner-occupied properties only
  • Maximum loan-to-value of 97%
  • Maximum Income and Purchase Price Limits
  • Borrower paid or Lender paid PMI
  • Limited cash-out refinances available
  • Possible assistance via advantage loans from HFA
  • Mortgage Credit Certificate available through PHFA for 1st Time Homebuyers within the required income levels; certificate provides a tax credit for a portion of the interest paid on the PHFA Mortgage Loan

If you are interested in applying for a PHFA mortgage, click here to apply online.  

Questions?  Contact us or check out our Mortgage Calculators.

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