A mortgage option with lower down payment options

Perhaps you need a mortgage option with less stringent qualification and/or credit requirements.  An FHA loan might be the option for you.  An FHA (Federal Housing Administration) loan is a government-insured loan that is available for both first time and non-first time homebuyers. 

How an FHA loan works:

  • FHA loans are available as a 15 and 30 year fixed-rate term, and a 5 year adjustable-rate mortgage (ARM)
  • FHA loans are created by the Federal Housing Administration
  • Only a 3.5% down payment is required for home purchases

When to choose FHA:

  • Purchasing a home and want a low down payment
  • Fast approval
  • Lower rates available with an ARM
  • Lower credit scores still qualify
  • Lower income can also qualify

If you are interested in applying for an FHA mortgage, click here to apply online.

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