Mobile FAQs

General Information

Q. How do I access AmericanBank Mobile on my phone?

A. You can download American Bank’s Mobile App from the App store on your iPhone or Google Play on your Google device. Make sure you search for AMBK so that you download the proper App. When searching for the AMBK mobile app on an iPhone, the iOS may auto correct the spelling and display inaccurate results. To avoid this issue, if you click on "Search for ambk instead?" under the search bar, the correct app should display. 

Q. How do I know I am downloading a legitimate App?

A. To ensure the safety of your personal and account information, download mobile apps from reputable sources only such as Google Play or the iTunes Store and ensure that American Bank is listed as the App publisher.

Q. Do I use the same login credentials to access AmericanBank Online whether I'm using my computer or the Mobile App?

A. Yes, you use the same login credentials for both.

Q. Is my personal or financial information stored on my phone?

A. No, American Bank does not save any files with personal or financial information on your mobile device. That information stays strictly within online banking. 

Q. What if my phone is lost or stolen?

A. If your mobile device is lost or stolen, no one can access your account without knowing your unique Sign-On ID and your password. However, if your device is lost or stolen, we recommend that you change your password for online banking.

Q. Should I install anti-virus protection on my mobile device?

A. American Bank recommends the use of anti-virus software when available for your mobile device.  Anti-virus software may not be available for all mobile devices.

Q. Can I pay bills through the Mobile App?

A. Consumer users that are currently using online bill pay can pay bills through the Mobile App. 

Mobile Deposit

Q. Can I make deposits on my mobile device?

A. Mobile deposits can be made to select accounts from an eligible device.  Accounts must be in good standing.  Restrictions and limits apply.

Q. How can I make deposits on my mobile device?

A. To make a deposit to an eligible account after logging in on an eligible device, you will choose ‘Make a Deposit’.  From there, simply select the account that you want to deposit to, enter the amount, take a photo of the front & back of the check, then submit your deposit.

Q. What are the limits for the number and dollar amount of deposits?

A. For consumer customers, the standard deposit limits are up to 12 checks totaling no more than $15,000 per business day or 12 checks totaling no more than $45,000 per rolling 7 calendar days, whichever occurs first.

For business customers, the standard deposit limits are up to 12 checks totaling no more than $25,000 per business day or 12 checks totaling no more than $75,000 per rolling 7 calendar days, whichever occurs first. This limit is set at the business level. This means that the limit is aggregated for the business Administrator and all business users that are set up under the business.

Lower limits apply for newer accounts.  We reserve the right to modify limits at any time without notice. 

Q. If I make a mobile deposit, when will my funds be available?

A. Deposits made prior to 5:00pm ET on a business day will be available on the 2nd business day following the day of deposit, except as otherwise noted within the Consumer Mobile Deposit Addendum and Business Mobile Deposit Addendum.  Deposits are subject to verification.

Q. Should I sign the back of my check when making a mobile deposit?

A. Yes, you should sign the back of the check as it is made payable.  In addition, under your signature you should write ‘For American Bank Mobile Deposit Only.’

Biometric Identifier Technology

Q. What is a Biometric Identifier?

A. A biometric identifier is a distinctive and measurable human characteristic that can be used to label and describe any individual. A biometric identifier includes, but is not limited to, fingerprint, face, voice, iris, retina and handwritten signature - as long as the identifier is unique for the individual. 

Q. Can I use my biometric identifier to log into the Mobile App?

A. Yes, provided you are using an eligible device with the biometric identifier technology, you have the feature turned on in your device settings, and you are logging into our Mobile App. 

Q. How does the biometric identifier technology work?

A. Biometric identifier technology provides an alternative method to logging into our mobile App. Once set up, you will use your biometric identifier to login instead of entering your Password.

Q. If my biometric identifier is not recognized, can I still log on to my account?

A. Yes. You can still log on to the App using your Sign-On ID and Password.

Q. Can I use the biometric identifier technology to log on if I have other people's biometric identifiers stored on my device?

A. When you enable the biometric identifier log on, any biometric identifier stored on your device - now or in the future - can be used to log on to the App. Enabling biometric identifier technology on an Eligible Mobile Device you share with another person is strongly discouraged. You should only enable the biometric identifier feature if you are the only person who has registered biometric identifiers on your device. You can always add or remove a biometric identifier in your device settings.