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Our Security Efforts

AMBK's security efforts

As part of our effort to limit access to its servers to authorized users performing appropriate functions, we takes several measures.

  1. Network Security and Monitoring
    Electronic requests received over the Internet by American Bank are subject to monitoring and validation for authenticity and appropriateness. Electronic requests are filtered through a combination of computer hardware and software designed to protect against inappropriate requests. This is accomplished by filtering Internet traffic and allowing only the traffic that is necessary to send acceptable data requests, such as retrieving web pages or sending inquiries, to access the Bank’s servers. We also monitor Internet traffic for suspicious or potentially harmful activity and take appropriate actions to prevent such traffic. These actions may include the implementation of restrictions that prevent access to AMBK.com from an IP network that services specific high-risk geographical areas.
  2. Termination of Inactive Connections
    Our Internet banking system will terminate your Internet banking session after a set period of time if you are not actively using the system.
  3. Display of Information
    Your Password, and certain other private information, will never be displayed on your computer screen or, after the initial registration, in any form of correspondence with American Bank. In addition, our Internet banking system encrypts stored password files and disables passwords that haven’t been used by a customer in 90 days.
  4. Your Browser’s Security
    We require the use of a secure browser with 128-bit encryption to access account information and perform transactions. Secure browsers employ secure sockets layer (SSL) technology to communicate with servers. This technology encrypts-or scrambles-your account information in order to prevent anyone other than the Bank from reading it. Be sure to check your web browser to determine if it has 128-bit encryption by clicking on “Help” and “About” in your browser’s menu. If you are not using one of these browsers, or if you feel your browser does not meet the 128-bit encryption security requirements of American Bank, you can download an upgraded browser by visiting the Internet browser’s web site. Remember that once you’ve downloaded the proper browser, you must install it on your computer. Follow the browser manufacturer’s instructions that appear on your screen.

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