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General Information

Q. What is AmericanBank Mobile?

A.  AmericanBank Mobile is an easy and convenient way to access your personal or business accounts almost anywhere using your mobile device.  You can use this secure service to view your account balances, make transfers and more.  American Bank reserves the right to limit access to AmericanBank Mobile and some services may not be available on all accounts. Please refer to the Electronic Fund Transfers Disclosure for information on limitations that apply to online and mobile transactions.

Q. How do I access AmericanBank Mobile on my phone?

A. You can access AmericanBank Mobile by going to on the browser of your phone or by downloading American Bank’s Mobile App from the App store on your iPhone or Google Play on your Google device.  Or, click on the appropriate link to download the App directly: iPhone or Google.

Q. How do I know I am downloading a legitimate App?

A. To ensure the safety of your personal and account information, download mobile apps from reputable sources only such as Google Play or the iTunes Store and ensure that American Bank is listed as the App publisher.

Q. Is there a cost to use AmericanBank Mobile?

A. At this time, American Bank does not charge any additional fees to use AmericanBank Mobile.  However, you should check with your wireless provider as carrier fees, data usage fees and web access fees may apply.

Q. I'm not enrolled in AmericanBank Online. Can I still register for AmericanBank Mobile?

A. No, in order to use AmericanBank Mobile, you must first enroll for AmericanBank Online.

Q. I'm enrolled in AmericanBank Online. Can I use my AmericanBank Online login credentials for AmericanBank Mobile?

A. Yes, you use the same login credentials for AmericanBank Mobile that you currently use for AmericanBank Online.  This includes your Sign-on ID and Password.

Q. Is my personal or financial information stored on my phone?

A. No, AmericanBank Mobile does not save any files with personal or financial information on your mobile device. That information stays strictly within online banking. When accessing the App, you have the option to save your Sign-On ID.  If you choose to save your Sign-On ID, the Sign-On ID is partially masked.

Q. Which accounts can I access using AmericanBank Mobile?

A. You can access any account that you currently have set up in AmericanBank Online.

Q. How current is the account and transaction information?

A. AmericanBank Mobile operates in real-time and displays the most up-to-date information for your accounts.  When you view your account balance or transaction history, you see up to the minute details with the exception of deposits made through Mobile Deposit.  Mobile Deposits will be posted to your account by the bank’s cutoff time as described in the Consumer Mobile Deposit Addendum and Business Mobile Deposit Addendum.

Q. What if my phone is lost or stolen?

A. If your mobile device is lost or stolen, no one can access your account without knowing your unique user name and your password.

Q. Is AmericanBank Mobile secure?

A. AmericanBank Mobile, whether accessed through your browser or the App, uses Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption.  SSL encryption ensures that electronic information passed between you and American Bank cannot be read by outside parties, even if intercepted.

Q. Should I install anti-virus protection on my mobile device?

A. American Bank recommends the use of anti-virus software when available for your mobile device.  Anti-virus software may not be available for all mobile devices.

Q. Can I pay bills on AmericanBank Mobile?

A. Consumer users that are currently using online bill pay within AmericanBank Online can pay bills only to those billers that are already set up.  Business bill pay is not available through AmericanBank Mobile.

Q. Can I make Cross-Customer Transfers on AmericanBank Mobile?

A. Consumer users that have cross-customer transfer accounts set up within AmericanBank Online can create transfers to only those currently set up.  New cross-customer accounts will need to be set up within AmericanBank Online prior to setting up transfers within AmericanBank Mobile.  Cross-Customer transfers are limited to consumer users only.

Q. If I have any questions regarding mobile banking or mobile deposits, who should I contact?

A. You can contact Customer Service at 888.366.6622 from 8am to 6pm ET, Monday through Friday, and 9am to Noon ET on Saturday or by sending a Secured Message after signing on to AmericanBank Online.



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