Re-Order Checks

Re-Order checks

Re-ordering your checks has never been easier! Now, you can quickly and conveniently re-order your checks online using Harland’s or by phone by calling 888.784.5296. When you click on the Harland link, you will be taken to Harland’s site where you will be able to place check re-orders or inquire about the status of a recent order. So, click here or call toll free at 888.784.5296 to begin your check re-order process! It’s fast, convenient and hassle-free!

If you are a consumer customer who accesses your accounts online, you can sign-on to AmericanBank Online or Mobile, choose Reorder Checks from the left menu.  Not only can you re-order your same check style, you can also change your check order and obtain updated pricing from the site.

Please note that if you re-order your checks online using Harland’s, the cost for this re-order will not be displayed during the process. If you would like to know the cost for placing an order, simply contact a member of our Customer Service team.  We will be more than happy to assist you. In addition, if the address on your checks is different from the address we have on file for your accounts, contact Customer Service for assistance with your check re-order.